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Content Marketing Columbus, Ohio

Conversations are more potent than advertisements.

The person with the biggest bullhorn no longer receives the most attention. We'd rather listen to our friends and their opinions than a sales pitch. Now, the person with the most interesting voice gets to lead the conversation. It's about pulling up a chair at the dinner table and investing in the conversation. For a consumer, that's a relief. For a business, that might just be the scariest thing ever.

How do you ensure that you're consistently saying interesting things?

Look, we get it. You've got a business to manage, contacts to keep up with, numbers to run, clients to schmooze, meetings to attend, and a family to keep happy. Interesting might not be at the top of your priority list. And it probably has never showed up on your task list. That's why we're here…we're kind of obsessed with interesting, and kind of obsessed with you. We are here to ensure that your voice gets the platform it deserves because your voice is the answer to your consumers passions and problems.

With us, it's all about:

Content What you say matters Great content directly addresses the passions, needs, and questions of your consumers in ways that are interesting, compelling, or informative.

Consistency How often you say it matters Consistently producing valuable content ensures that you are continuing to lead the conversation, not just dropping in once in a while.

Action How it performs matters Valuable content is responsive. It encourages and inspires the audience. And that keeps them coming back to you for more insights and inspiration.

By the way, valuable content is profitable. Valuable content lives on-line forever because it's sharable. People share it across their social networks, link to it on their blogs, email it to all their friends, which all increases your search engine rankings. Those fancy algorithms actually prefer interesting people to dull people.

It's time to worry less about the bullhorn and worry more about the dinner table. Let us help you pull up a chair, get everyones attention, and lead the conversation.